Digital Illustrations

I create digital illustrations on iPad using the Procreate app, themes around animals and things I love. They are often made into products such as stickers, cards, and prints available from my shop. I am also interested in creating commercial digital illustrations for publishers, brands or organisations. Please get in touch if you have a project in mind!

Poodle pet portrait
Pug & Chihuahua pet portrait
Shiba pet portrait


I also make traditional illustrations in a combination of gouache, acrylic gouache, paint pens, colour pencils or sometimes in watercolour. These are available as original artwork or prints. Painting and drawing commissions are always welcomed.

'Buddy's dream' - an illustration for smarivans fundraising

'Buddy's Dream' - Acrylic and acrylic gouache on canvas board

This illustration is created for the 'Smarivans' fundraising, a collaboration with artist Sarah Graham. All artworks are to be auctioned online and donate to the Samaritans charity. There will be a pop-up exhibition at Arkley Fine Art from 22 to 29 Sept 2023 in Hitchin, UK.

Cactus Watercolour Painting on Paper Framed 18cm x 24cm

Flower and Cactus, Watercolour Pencil on Paper Framed 18cm x 24cm - available upon request

Original Cactus Watercolour Painting on Paper Framed 18cm x 24cm

Cactus, Watercolour on Paper Framed 18cm x 24cm - available upon request



I make abstract paintings using vibrant colours to explore my emotions, inspired by the art I have seen or artist I read. When I make figurative works, they are often related to my personal experiences or memories. I am curious about the possibilities of paintings, and am currently focused mainly on acrylic with occasional use of oil.

Swirl dreams, A3 Acrylic on paper - currently on show in broadway gallery, Letchworth
Cosmic, A5 acrylic and ink on paper - available upon request
Mist, Acrylic on canvas 11 x 14"

Mist, Acrylic on canvas 11 x 14" (27.9 x 35.6cm) - available upon request



Since I have a background in digital media design, I am hoping to investigate in digital project and new media art in the future. Among others are photography, collage, craft and I am fascinated by the relationships artists have with sketchbooks.